The most creative ideas for your living room

Statement Chandelier

The best luxurious living room ideas and designs always include a fabulous chandelier. Chandeliers are the main living room attractions. It can instantly transform a room from drab to fab.

Relaxed layering

Keep it contemporary yet pared back by teaming drips, drops and splatter patterns for an impressionistic look.

Contemporary Blue Living Room with Over-sized Brown Leather Sofas

The redesigned living room has a casual and relaxed vibe with oversized leather chairs and sofa and custom built-ins to accommodate a sizable TV.

The best ideas to redesign your kitchen

Bespoke Storage

Multifunctional and hidden storage will be an essential feature for both compact and large kitchens in the coming year and the demand for bespoke storage is expected to rise.

A hob to end all hobs

A kitchen, even a very luxurious one, is first and foremost for cooking. So, investing in a high-quality cooker and hob makes sense; it really helps if the hob looks great, too – after all, it's always on show.

Double-door refrigerators

If space allows, install a double-door fridge in a classic American style. You’ll enjoy a very spacious kitchen appliance with the best features, including, of course, a must-have ice and cold-water dispenser on the front of the door.

The most exclusive powder room ideas

Splurge On Stunning Tile

Tile can be expensive. But if you have a tiny half bath, you don’t need a lot of tile to make a big statement. Go for it – the effect far exceeds the initial cost.


In a restroom rut? Add some whimsy with Scalamandré zebra-print wallpaper.

Glass fixtures

Another great way to spruce up a powder room in your home is the use of glass fixtures – from your faucet to the sink to the vanity. This design idea will complement the needs of your teens and her guests. In order to make the small room look more spacious, it will be nice to have the same tiles placed on the floor and those of the powder room's wall. The outcome: a clean space for your guest's needs.

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